SDC is the Texas based designer, manufacturer and seller of the most secure personal Internet communications applications available!

SDC delivers secure email and instant messaging products available with a one time license fee or 30 day full feature no nag ware trial.

Only SDC delivers secure products that the end users have exclusive control of the encryption keys used in securing message contents.

SDC product users have their choice of three different methods to securely exchange and distribute encryption keys.

SDC utilizes NSA Suite B encryption algorithms and key exchange protocols, approved for TOP SECRET, to secure message content and session keys.

There are no Open Source or proprietary encryption or key exchange algorithms used by SDC.

Only SDC products are so secure a hosting computer that is correctly configured can be lost or stolen without creating security risks with regards to the SDC products.

Currently supported platforms on PC and Laptop are Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 (9600).

SDC has the best Privacy Policy on the planet:

Privacy Policy

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